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my Car Info

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Ever needed to know your cars insurance policy number away from your car! or ever needed to know you cars registration number! or the 2 months ago parking ticket number! or the last downtown driving ticket number! or the mileage on your car last service! or your parking permit expiry date! ....


This app helps the operator keep track of 3 cars info files; records, and status through storing all the necessary information about his/her cars. Thus done under 5 files:

1. Purchase Info
2. Maintenance Info
3. Insurance Info
4. Registration Info
5. Parking Info

The sixth file; your driving license file; is in the lite content and can be accessed in the introductory version;

6. Driving License Info

The operator stores the above information in fields. The fields are filled by the operator and can be edited deleted or updated however whenever the operator likes. Without the internet connection ...


So this application becomes your car’s compartment compressed at your finger touch / on your iPhone screen.


my Car Info offers six basic files made of 75 (for each car) overall editable fields for drivers and owners to store and save 3 cars info files in a safe reachable place away from the car - in the memory of the mobile device; without the internet connection, so information can be retrieved and edited whenever wherever away from the car - as if reaching for the compartment. In the info files; information can be stored in fields as the suggested titles. However, many fields are left for personal notes – cases, so to fit the basic files titles: Purchase Info / Maintenance Info / Insurance / Registration Info / Parking Info / Driving License Info.

The keyboard can always be dismissed by touching (done) or touching the back screen. All fields can be edited, saved or/and deleted by (save ...) to save all input on page or/and (clear ...) to delete all input on page ...

A photo of the car can be stored also along the make; the model and the year as the headline for each car files.